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About Rackline

Rackline® is a registered trademark of Linum Europe. Rackline software allows you to calculate shelving systems for cold store and freezer rooms, industrial kitchens, clean rooms and general dry storage areas in catering and hospitality establishments and care institutions in a quick and easy to understand manner.

Who is it intended for?

The calculation software is intended for installers and specialist dealers operating in the cooling technology, HVAC, catering and industrial kitchen technology sectors. End users can apply the software to produce a design proposal intended for their installer or specialist dealer.

How could Rackline benefit you?

In industrial kitchens, food companies, catering establishments and institutions, a suitable hygienic design for dry and air-conditioned storage space is of the utmost importance. To achieve this the professional user can rely on moisture-resistant and maintenance-friendly shelving systems, specially developed for these conditions.

In a well-organised cold storeroom or storage area the shelving system is optimised for maximum storage capacity. In this context Rackline is directly relevant and effective. It calculates the optimal layout for you based on your input regarding the desired layout, storage room dimensions and type of shelving system.

What are the most important selection criteria for your ideal shelving system?

  • The materials used must be 100% suitable for food contact 
  • The modular structure is decisive for the flexibility and optimal design of the available space
  • Quick assembly or disassembly without the need for tools
  •  The shelves and extensions must be easy for every user to remove
  •  A rack must be easy to reposition and be washable (for hygiene purposes) and have sufficient load capacity (stability) 
  • To provide optimal accessibility it is preferable for the racks not to have any corner posts, but open corners.

    In any case, opt for an established quality brand, bearing in mind possible extensions or modifications.


FERMOSTOCK and LINUM: a targeted, flexible and hygiene-friendly total solution for your space.

Fermostock, a shelving system in anodised aluminium with removable shelves, represents the ultimate cold storage solution. All Fermostock products comply with the usual and strictest hygiene standards. All Fermostock shelving systems are food grade, moisture and corrosion resistant (up to -30°C) and have obtained NF (NF031) and NSF food hygiene certification. The shelves are made from copolymer (Fermostock 5711, 6611 and 8811) or anodised aluminium (Fermostock 6811) and are available in 2 or 3 depths (360, 460 or 560 mm). The other properties the racks offer are: several post heights and shelf lengths, linear or corner configurations, open corners thanks to a corner joint system. The load capacity per level varies between 120 and 250 kg. (max. 600 kg between 2 posts). Fermostock shelving systems are also extremely hygiene friendly because they are entirely washable. The shelf inserts can be removed from the rack individually and washed in the dishwasher. With certain depths the shelf inserts can be replaced by Gastronorm trays that are suspended in the rack’s support structure. Fermostock is available as fixed shelving or shelf trolleys on wheels.

Besides the extremely durable Fermostock, the Linum brand also supplies a cold and dry storage option with models Linum LN150 (in anodised aluminium) and Linum LN250 (in stainless steel 18/10 – AISI 304). There are four different depths (from 300 to 600 mm) and several post heights and shelf lengths. Both linear and corner models are available. They can also be assembled without the need for tools. The LN150 and LN250 are available as fixed or mobile racks and have a maximum load capacity of respectively 200 and 250 kg per level (fixed racks). An additional advantage of the Linum series is the possibility of customisation (specially customised dimensions, angled shelves for containers, etc.) as well as the availability of accessories for assembly in mobile units (vehicles, ships, etc.). The stainless steel LN250 is ideal for use in clean rooms, institutions and the pharmaceutical industry because of its excellent durability and hygienic properties.

Lastly there is the Linum LN650, a sturdy and modular shelving system made from galvanised steel and intended exclusively for dry storage. It too is available in a linear and corner configuration with open corners for optimal accessibility.


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Invoicing, deliveries & inspection

Fermostock shelving systems are delivered and invoiced by Fermod nv (Belgium) or Fermod BV (the Netherlands)
Linum shelving systems are delivered and invoiced by Linum Europe NV (Belgium), Linum Europe BV (the Netherlands) or Linum Europe GmbH (Germany/Austria, also Fermostock)

All deliveries are carried out by an external quality transport service, with which we are responsible for fast and flawless deliveries throughout Europe. Customisation is always subject to a delivery time to be agreed. Express shipments can be arranged in mutual consultation. We strive on a daily basis to dispatch all orders in perfect condition. We kindly request you always check your delivery for completeness and damage ON THEIR ARRIVAL and in the courier's presence. If you discover any damage or defects, please note this on the consignment note or CMR and inform us within 24 hours by fax or e-mail. A "total loss" shipment is best reported by registered (return receipt) mail, also within 24 hours of the damage being established.

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